Book Blogging Newbie: I Did It!

Oh my God! I finally did it! I made a book blog! I entered the book community through the blogosphere! As you can probably tell by all the exclamation marks, I’m excited about this.

I actually started a book blog about four months ago on Blogger, but I barely posted anything on there. I just found it harder to set up and edit stuff which discouraged me from keeping up with it. It’s just my personal opinion of course, but I find WordPress a lot more organized and easier to maneuver. To each their own right?

Before I made a blog a watched a lot of booktube. As soon as I discovered it I was hooked! All the books, the book tags, the hauls, and best of all some of the quirkiest people! I wanted to be apart of this community so bad but videos aren’t really my thing.

*enter book blogs*

I knew that there were book blogs out there in the vast world of the internet but I didn’t really explore any and didn’t know how big the community was! It makes me so happy to know so many people out there are as in love with books as much as I am (if not more).


I’m blogging because I love reading and I want to share that with others. And hopefully meet lovely, awesome, kick-ass people while doing so! I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to join an already big community but the thing is, people in this community are so welcoming! (sorta like emitting amity vibes to other book lovers)

So if you’ve been thinking about joining but are a little hesitant, don’t be!





28 thoughts on “Book Blogging Newbie: I Did It!

  1. Welcome to the Blogoshere!! I love Book Tube too!! I am currently obsessed with it (in a totally non-creepy way, I promise!) I started watching Christine at polandbananasbooks mid last year and have recently started watching a range of other people including Jessie from jessiethereader, Kat from katytastic, Natasha from tashopolos (sp?) And a range of others. Who do you watch on there? I adore the tags, challenges and book hauls!! And, you know, the reviews.


  2. Omg… you won’t believe this… If you read my first post: In the Beginning I talk about BookTube and how videos aren’t my thing! Haha wooowww. Anyway I also wanted to tell you that I tagged you in my latest Tag I did so check it out!


    • Holy crap i didn’t see that post but i did see your tag and it’s sth that’s been in my draft since, get this, I saw it on Erika’s blog! hahaha! thanks for tagging me! I’ll definitely put a link to your blog 😉

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      • Thank you! I’ve always loved it as a reader but felt intimidated by it for a long time as a writer. My love and appreciation has grown a lot in recent years though and now I absolutely adore it. What about you?


      • While I at some level liked the idea of poetry I didn’t love it. I was so intimidated by it and to me it seemed like riddles I’ll never really get. But then I had to take Silver by Walter de la Mare and Shakespeare’s sonnets for school and I fell in love. I was especially surprised I liked Shakespeare because to me he was the Mafia of the poetry world. Then I started to explore more (and even write a little). So now I love poetry. It’s beautiful. But I read a lot of the same poets’ works; I love their work but I want to expand my poetry reading a bit. Any recommendations?


      • It does often seem to be the way that poetry is something that we learn to love, but once we do our appreciation is all the better for it.

        In terms of recommendations, my very favourite poem is ‘Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep’ by Mary Elizabeth Frye. It’s so simple yet beautiful.

        I also love ‘Remember’ by Christina Rossetti and ‘Leisure’ by William Henry Davies. Aside from that, I’m a fan of e.e.cummings, Robert Frost and Emily Dickenson, to name a few 🙂


      • I love Emily Dickenson’s writing too! I find her an her work vary intriguing. I’ve only ever read A Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and love it. I’ve been contemplating picking E E Cummings, I guess I will now. I’ll definitely check out the poems you’ve mentioned too. Thanks!

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  3. Welcome to the Blogosphere! I could say I started book blogging just recently too, back in Dec 2014 actually. At the beginning I was quite nervous, I thought I was making such a fool of myself since not many readers liked or commented, but later on I wasn’t that self-conscious anymore. I loved how I could post my writings and reviews without giving much importance to the number of “likes & comments” I would receive. If you really want to enjoy book blogging, don’t let a stupid number get to you and make you feel like you’re doing a poor job. G’luck & welcome once again! [:

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