Book Blogging Newbie: Choosing a Name

So I thought I’d post a few more of these Book Blogging Newbie things on here. As you can tell by the title I’m new at this and in no way an expert! But I thought I’d share my first wobbly steps. This way you guys can spot me if I’m doing something wrong or let me know if there’s a better way of doing it. Plus if anyone else is new to this stuff then maybe this will help them out. 🙂


The first thing I did before I even chose my theme was think of a name. This was my first mission, my first struggle: Find a name.

The what-am-i-gunna-name-my-blog duration was bittersweet for me. Sweet because picking a name is a defining moment for your blog. It’s the first name people will see and know you by. But bitter because I was completely blank, and damn I just wanted to start this already! I was also kind of jittery: What if someone already has that name? What if I can’t think of a good name? What if, What if…

If this is happening to you, dude, chill. You’ll think of a name. Just give it time that’s all. I didn’t find my blog’s name for a few days after I first sat down to think of one.

Anyway, I was racking the creative part of my brain for something that stood out to me (at this point I felt sorry for all the parents around the world who had to think of names for their children.) and every time my creative part of my brain would be like:

(Apparently the creative part of my brain looks like Hugh Laurie. But he has a nice voice so I’m cool with it. 😉 )

After sometime my mind drifted and I remembered a poem I wrote a while back about bookworms and books. In that poem I described books to be tattooed pages. Then the little Hugh Laurie in my head was like “That’s it!” and it stuck.


Here are so points to help you when naming you book blog:

  • How would you describe a book? (this one worked for me)
  • How would you describe the feeling when you read?
  • Another name for bookworm/bibliophile?
  • Maybe you want to incorporate a fandom into the name? (careful with this though. you don’t want people expecting your blog is a Sherlock fan base because its named for example: sherlockfanatic[dot]something )
  • Your name doesn’t have to be book affiliated. Don’t think that your blog’s name has to have a bookish element to it merely because it’s a book blog.
  • Try not to make it too long; it’ll be harder for someone to remember.

Have fun choosing your name!




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