Top Ten Characters I’d Like to Check in With


WARNING: this may or may not contain spoilers depending on whether your read the books or not. I mention characters I want to check in on implying that they are alive by the end of the book/series. I advise you to go no further if you plan to or are reading the following: Inkheat trilogy, The Kite Runner, The Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent trilogy, Legend trilogy, The Rangers Apprentice series, The Fault in Our Stars, 

10. Sohrab from The Kite Runner

9. Gilan from The Ranger’s Apprentice Series

8. Farid from the Inkheart trilogy


7. Kate from My Sister’s Keeper



5. Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy

4. Gale from The Hunger Games trilogy

3. Tobias from the Divergent trilogy

2. Day and June from the Legend trilogy

Yes, I’m counting this as one because I wanna see their how relationship goes. And their relationship is one thing! I wasn’t really satisfied with the ending.

1. Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars


Hope you enjoyed the little fan art I included in this post. (Of course I didn’t do any of these drawings)


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters I’d Like to Check in With

  1. My Sister’s Keeper! Yes! That’s such a great selection. Katniss made it to my list, too 😀 I unfortunately forgot about Tobias but that’s also a great choice, I’d love to see how he was handling things after what happened in Allegiant. Awesome list!

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  2. I really like your list AND your little picture graphic things 🙂 I never even considered Sohrab, but now you mention him I totally agree, would like to see how he is doing 🙂 I also had Katniss on my list, but again, didn’t even think of Gale, but it would be nice to see where he is at a few years later. He just kind of disappears at the end of the trilogy. I also need more of Day and June, especially with the way it ended. I need to know more! 🙂

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