What I Like to Read


I realized I never really stated what I like to read on this blog. And I should since this is a book blog after all. So today I decided I’d write a short post on what type of books I like to read.

I’m not picky when it come to the type of books I read. I love a variety of them across all types of genres. I like reading books meant for different age groups including, Childrens’ (although its the one I read the least of), Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult.

Now for the genres I love to read.

Fantasy is my favourite genre. You can pretty much do anything with fantasy. It could have dragons, magic, sowrds, castles, strange beasts, action, romance…the possiblities seem endless.

Other genres I enjoy include, horror, thriller, mystery, dystopian, paranormal (I’m kinda picky about this one though), light fluffy contemporaries, historical fiction, I’ll even read a memoir every once in a while (though I’m picky about memoirs too).

Lately I’ve been intersted in reading classics so I’ll probably get to that soon.

I also love graphic novels (haven’t read much of these though) and poetry (man, I love poetry).

So as you can see, I’m all over the place when it comes to what I read. So this was a very short, random and scattered post of what I like to read.

If you have any recommendations based on the genres I mentioned (especially for the graphic novels and poetry. I’m trying to read more of those) please let me know. I promise I’ll check them out. Also Let me know what some of your favourite genres are in the comments. I love talking to you guys!

Until next time.




12 thoughts on “What I Like to Read

  1. I just read a Graphic Novel/Manga called Deadly Class by Rick Remender, it is about assassins and I really enjoyed it! I can’t seem to find many places around me that sell them though so I buy all mine off the internet.
    As for poetry, ever tried Roger McGough? His poetry is very random!


    • So I checked out Deadly Class and that deffinitely intigued me. I think I want it now. I checked out Roger McGough’s poetry and I see what you mean by random! Thanks for the recommendations!


  2. Oh I love a good Graphic Novel! As has already been stated, Maus is definitely good. It’s a great tool for teaching about the Holocaust. Persepolis, which is a memoir/graphic novel, is also enjoyable. If you want to keep in that vein of thinking, there are Palestine and Blankets, both memoir graphic novels, both moving, though Palestine can be fairly political. For the supernatural side of things: Gaiman’s Sandman series, Locke & Key by Joe Hill, Morning Glories by Nick Spencer, and Bone by Jeff Smith. Okay, TECHNICALLY, all of those last ones are comics, but they’re connected into cohesive novels in most cases and are wonderful. Bone is geared more toward children, but it’s fun. I also adore Castle Waiting by Linda Medley which doesn’t get enough press. And now I’ve rambled on enough, and I feel as if I should probably just do one whole blog post on graphic novels!

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    • All the first ones you mentioed are on my to buy list. I definitely want to read Gaiman’s Sandman series. I was raised on Star Wars and super hero stuff. I would watch a lot of super hero stuff including Justice League so I eventually read comics and I love comics!


  3. Fantasy is my favorite, too. Can’t go wrong with it. I also like science fiction and dystopians. I can’t quite read horror yet. Too scary for me lol I’m also very choosy when it comes to contemporaries but I like some of them


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