National Poetry Month

  I know I’m late with this post. I actually wasn’t planning on posting this until a couple of days ago. April is National Poetry Month! A lot of people are reading and writing poetry this month to honor it. There’re a lot of activities with poetry going on right now that you can take part in. Maureen Thorson’s annual project, NaPoWriMo, (no not NaNoWriMo thats another thing) is one of many where she challenges aspiring poets to write 30 poems in 30 days (she also provides optional prompts to help you along). Cool huh? It has poets busy tagging their work with #NaPoWriMo and #NationalPoetryMonth. Or if you’re more of an admirer just read a poetry! There are a lot of great poems out there. Buy a poetry book this month or borrow one from the library or a friend. Of course there is always the internet! I got into poetry by reading poems that people posted on their websites or on Wattpad accounts. Here are some places you can check out: I’m sure some of you know of Tyler Knott. He recently ( I think maybe last year ) published his book of poetry, Chasers of the Light (awesome title right? ). Tyler Knott has a website where he regularly posts poems and every now and the a photograph (he is also a photographer!).

There’s an example of his writing style and what he posts.

There are also sites like Wattpad and Hello Poetry where people posts their work.   Nate K. has a website and an account on wattpad and Hello Poetry where he writes his poems.


I think I romanticize eyes because I have trouble looking directly at them- always too powerful for something so small

That is a tiny sample of his work. Please go read more.   Another tanlted poet is Ceclia on Wattpad


I wish my thoughts were unrestrained.   I dream that one day it would be as relentless as the waves being beckoned to the seashore, eager to replenish the dry sand.

That is a tiny part of her poem.     Another section of a poem from another talented poet, Insomnosleep


So close to having it all Fall apart Yet oddly at peace with the idea of it…

So as you can see there are a lot of places where you can read poetry for free. Please go check out the people I’ve mentioned. If you write poetry let me know in the comments so I can read you work!


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