Pros and Cons of Tangible Books and E-books

So we all have our preference when it comes to the books we like to read. Some of us like fantasy and some of us like nonfiction. We also have preferences for the books themselves. I know this is a very common discourse among many readers and I wanted to bring it here on my blog so I can hear all of your opinions. Do you prefer the physical book or the e-book?

I personally prefer the physical book. I hardly ever read e-books but I have nothing against them. E-books actually have some really cool perks! I just can’t stare at the screen that long or my eyes will hurt. Does anybody else have the same problem? Also, I love the internet (this blog the evidence of that) but I feel like whenever you look around all you see are people of their devices. Playing Playstation, PSP, on the iPad/iPhone/iPod, on twitter, tumblr, snapchat, facebook, instagram and other various social media and devices. It’s just nice to detach myself from all the electronics I use throughout the day and read an old fashion book. That’s just my preference when it comes to reading. I decided to demonstrate my likes and dislikes of both types of books in a short list of Pros and Cons.


Pros and Cons of the tangible book:

Pro: You can feel the pages in your hand. Nothing beats the feeling of a good old fashion book. I love the feeling of the pages as I read.

Con: those pages can be vicious little ninjas and cut you with their ninja sharp skills and burn the freakin heck out of you!


Pro: the smell of pages. I don’t know about you but I love smelling the woody smell of a book.

Con: Pages will absorb the smells around them. So if you leave them in a musty attic it will smell like a musty attic.


Pro: You can add books to your personal library and make your room look so heart eyes worthy.

Con: When it’s time to clean those shelves you have to take off every single book, clean, and then put them back on. It takes time and you room is temporarily a pile of books.


Pro: Don’t have to recharge a book.

Con: Sometimes they attack your face.



The Pros and Cons of an E-book:


Pro: let’s start with the obvious one. So many books in one place means you can take hundreds of books in a small bag. This makes it so much easier to travel with!



Pro: You don’t have to worry about cleaning your shelves.

Con: You are bound to forget to charge your e-book device every now and then.


Pro: Instant definition!! I absolutely love this option!! It so tedious to put the book you’re reading down, get the dictionary (let’s be real, I don’t get the thick book on the shelf I just open the app) and look up the word. It just interrupts the flow.

Con: I don’t have a con for this.


Pro: You can highlight and leave notes in the book without permanently marking the pages.

Con: It’s not as personal as something handwritten can be.


That’s all I can think of at the moment. Let me know what you like and dislike of both formats.


3 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Tangible Books and E-books

  1. Oh my God, cleaning the bookshelves and taking out all the books one by one! I feel like I’ve been in the middle of a sand storm from all the dust, it sticks to my hair and face and I often break new records when it comes to sneezing.

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  2. Ha ha love the GIFs and pictures you chose! 😀 I’m actually fine with both. For a while I fancied the physical copies more, and then afterwards more e-books, but now I’m sort of neutral. They both have their pros and cons, like listed in this post! 😉 (Although nowadays I’m on my e-reader more often…) Great post! ❤

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