Top Ten Favorite Covers


This wonderful meme was brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish. Be sure to head over there to check out previous and next Top Ten Tuesday topics.

I love it when books come with cool/beautiful covers! In this list I’m not going to include any book from the special editions some publishing houses produce. example: Thread edition, the watercolor editions, the bloom edition, the ink edition and so on. If I did include them the list would be impossible to narrow down.

 10. More Than This

I love how there is a small door that opens to a small title that says More Than This; it get me wanting to turn the page.


9. The Fault in Our Stars

Yes, Yes, I know. We’ve all seen this pretty much everywhere. But take a minute to detach it from the story and the hype around it. Look at this cover. It’s so simple with its limited shapes and color palette. So nice to look at. I love the cloud shapes and the chalk font and the solid blue just highlights and brings everything together.


8. The Hobbit

Not only is this cover gorgeous with it’s limited color palette, but it also continues all the way to the back of the book like a poster.


7. A Thousand Pieces of You

When this book came out I was so hypnotized by it; I could not stop drooling over it. Just look at the mirror image of the city scape (which I think is very befitting to the story from what I’ve heard) and the watercolor effect of the background gives it that extra punch.


6. All the Light We Cannot See

I love that the sky takes up most of this book. It’s like we’re observers of the city in it’s monotones of blues. Such a beautiful blue.


5. We the Drowned

Just look at this illustration!! Look how those wild wave make the boat the focal point of the cover (the wave continue to the back of the book). Do you also see the ship on the wave near the top left corner and the person drowning in the waves?


4. The Bone Clocks

I almost didn’t put this on this list because I’ve mentioned this book on another Top Ten. I couldn’t help myself. It’s just so captivating and surreal. I seem to descover something new on the cover the longer I stare at it.


3. The Sleeper and the Spindle

This Picture does not do the actual cover justice. Chris Riddell is a genius. Absolutely love the illustration on and in this book. The only colors used are black, white, and a pop of gold. Brilliant.


2. Alice in Wonderland  

I’ve seen some of Camille Rose’s work and I can say with cetainty that I’m a fan of her paintings. There’s something eerie about the black make-up, super long eyelashes and long slender fingers…but it works. It absolutely feels like a Wonderland vibe to me.

1. The Last Animal

There’s something beautiful and haunting about this.


Now I want to buy some lust worthy books!


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Covers

  1. Ha ha I totally agree with A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray! It’s one of the books I picked up just for the cover, it’s so gorgeous. 🙂 Haven’t read it though, am going to read it for the Popsugar challenge. Cool book covers here! ❤

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  2. Honestly, the only reason I read All The Light We Cannot See was because I liked the cover. It’s beautiful and so perfect for the story itself, which I guess is okay (OBVIOUSLY JUST KIDDING IT’S AMAZING AND 100% WORTHY OF THE PULITZER)

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