Top Ten on My Bookish Bucket List


This wonderful meme was brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish. Be sure to head over there to check out previous and next Top Ten Tuesday topics.

1. Open a used bookstore/coffee shop where people can just chill and read.

2. Get a job in publishing? Not sure yet.

3. Meet my favourite authors.

4. Get more signed books.

5. Go to BEA and other awesome book festivals like Yallfest/Yallwest. (especially Yallwest cuz I live so close)

6. Get first editions of some of my all time favorites i.e. Lord of the Rings (how cool would it be to get a signed first edition of this book), Roald Dahl books (too many to choose from.)

7. Own some really cool and/or geeky shelves for my room.


8. Spend my weekend driving around to used bookstores and thrift shops searching for no particular book.

9. Collect different beautiful editions of the certain books.

10. Be able to read a novel in a different language. (will probably start off with spanish or french childeren’s books)


One more cuz I couldn’t resist:

Vist a list of beautiful libraries around the world at least once.


14 thoughts on “Top Ten on My Bookish Bucket List

    • hahaha! Really? Does he like shelves that much or is he just excited? That’s kind of cool cuz if does love shelves he’ll buy more and that mean that you stack them with more books 🙂 It’s perfect


  1. Awesome list! A lot of these are on my bucket list, too! I can’t wait to have a home and have some awesome shelves. I really want those bookshelves that line the stairs or the secret doorway bookshelf and when you open it, surprise! More bookshelves haha. I already have the floating shelves and I love them! I also want to go to book conventions! I’ve never been but it looks so much fun. I also want to meet more authors! I’ve only met Stephenie Meyer when she was promoting The Host (I also met Max Irons <33) I'm not sure if I want a job in publishing but I want to own my own bookstore where authors can come and do signings and it has a little cafe with free wi-fi and book clubs- just everything. Now I'm just going on and on, so I'll stop. Thanks for sharing!

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    • O my god, Anji, yes! I saw this picture on pinterest of a bookshelf that was actually a doorway to a room full of books! it was beautiful! It’s like the Batcave of books. It’s cool that you got to meet authors. I have yet to meet one. But that why we need to go to more book conventions! Meet authors, have a great time surrounded be book loving people and add to the Batcave of books. It’s a perfect plan I tell you.

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