Top 5 Genres


1. Fantasy 

What’s not to love about fantasy? I love how there’s no limit to what the author can create in that world.

2. Contemporary

I love a cute contemporary or even one that makes me sad. What is about sad books?

3. Dystopian

I think dystopian worlds are cool. I know, I know. They’re deadly and people die but I like the setting because we get to see how people react when pushed to/past their limits. (I promise you I don’t side with the Capitol)

4. Horror/Thriller

I love scarying and putting myself on edge. I don’t know why, but I do.

5. Mystery

I am a puzzle lover. So of course I’m gunna love a good mystery novel. I always try to play Sherlock and try to figure it all out before the character(s). It all started started with the mystery gang. (Man, I love Scooby-Doo!)


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Genres

  1. I totally agree! The only thing I would change personally would be to put Mystery and Thriller/Horror together to make space for ‘Paranormal’ on the list! I love Paranormal books, and I think it definitely should get a spot on your list. 😉 Great list overall, though! ❤

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