Top Ten Favorite Booktubers

I love watching booktube. The people on there are friendly, open-minded, and just down right quirky at times. I actually found it through (I believe) Kat @Katytastic. She didn’t make my top ten list but she introduced me to the book part of booktube so I’m giving her a shout out. There are a whole BUNCH of booktube channels I love watching so this list was hard to make. To make it easier I’m list the booktubers I get most excited to see have uploaded a video. Booktube is actually one of the things that made me want to start a book blog and talk about books and write reviews. So yes, I love booktube!

In no particular order (cuz that would be torture):

1. Silke @aliterarykingdom


I love her energy in her videos. She’s a newer booktuber so go check her out. I was an early subscriber for her and absolutely love it when I see that she has uploaded a video.


2. Dylan @bookswithdylan

I love the quality of Dylan’s videos. He always has such HD videos and he’s just a great person which makes me love watching his videos. Another thing I love is that he really tries to comment back as much as possible.

3. Regan @PeruseProject

Regan is awesome! I love her humor and energy in her videos.


4. Whitney @WhittyNovels

Haha, don’t you just love her openings?


5. Jesse @Jessethereader

I’m sure those of you who watch booktube know of Jesse. He’s been on YouTube for a while now. I love his quirky-ness and humor. Plus he makes quite an entrance 🙂 He recently interviewed Sarah J. Maas so if you want to see that go check out his channel.


6. Lindsey @Lindsey Rey

She reads a whole lot of books so instead of making a long monthly wrap up video (which would probably consist of 20 books) she does weekly wrap ups. I love her video content and how she reads books of different genres. She mentions a lot of books that I haven’t heard before or haven’t heard much of.


7. Grace @gracewithabookinherface

I was an early subscriber to Grace’s channel. As soon as I saw one of her videos I wanted to see more and then I needed to subscribe.


8. Sarah @Sarah Churchill

I love the content of her videos. (I feel like I’m repeating myself -.- )


9. Ben @Benjaminoftomes

Ben! Absolutely one of my favorite booktubers. He’s energetic, funny and his videos are awesome. He does this new segment where every Friday he recommends a book you can get for free in e-book form. He’s a huge supporter of Indie authors and will talk about indie books he loved. He also has an awesome bookstagram and is close friends with the next person on this list.


10. Sasha @abookutopia

Sasha! Love the content of her videos and she sometimes teams up with Epic Read to do videos which is always fun to watch. She’s funny, quirky and loves Sci-fi, Scotland and Outlander 🙂 It always so fun watching her fangirl in her videos. She was also an extra in the Divergent movie and talks about that in a video so if you’re interested in that check out her channel. Oh and as a photography lover I have to say I love the pictures her and her friends take and put on instagram.


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Booktubers

    • you should really check out the book part of youtube. If you like books which from your blog i see you do then you’ll love booktube. check it out! let me know how it goes. there are a lot of booktubers that talk about all the books you hear about and also the lesser known ones like classics you just have to find the booktuber that talks about what you’re into reading


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