Read-a-Thon from the 8th – 14th of June

Super quick post here!

Through a video on YouTube I found out that there’s going to be a read-a-thon called Topic-A-Thon hosted over at the Between Lines and Life blog.

So basically in this read-a-thon you pick books to read that are the same theme, or in the same “topic”.


For example

you can only read red cover books

you can only reread books

you can only read from a specific genre

you can only read books that have aliens riding unicorns…

whatever you want! Just stick to that topic.

in the video I saw, the Booktuber (Mercy) is only reading books by debut female authors


I would really like to reread books this year but I’m not sure now is the time. I might not participate in this read-a-thon.

The read-a-thon also takes place in September and December so maybe then.

So are you interested? What are some Read-a-thons you’re participating in this year?



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