June Wrap Up / Favorites

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while since I posted something and I thought it was about time.

So the reason I’ve been on a hiatus is that I kinda hit a reading slump. It stared at the end of May and continued through June. Reading slump meaning when you really want to read but you just can’t seem to get into a book. This reading slump then transformed into me simply not WANTING to read. (And not really wanting to read book blogs or anything about books)

I didn’t finish a single book this month. Not a single one. I started a few books but never even reached 100 pages and then I just stopped altogether because I didn’t want to force reading upon myself. I didn’t want to not like a book just because I wasn’t in the mood to read. That would suck big time.

But dispite all this I still had a lovely (and a bit of a busy) month!

» Firstly, the month of Ramadan started recently so that meant fasting. And I was so freakin excited to learn that some of my book blogging buddies are also fasting in this tranquil month! That made me so happy to learn. So if I haven’t said it or if a reader of this post is fasting this month then: Ramadan Mubarak! (Blessed Ramadan) For those of you wondering Ramadan is not only about obtaining from food for the day, it’s about appreciating what you have. It’s about kindness, about charity, and becoming a better person. 🙂 A very tranquil and happy month.

» Secondly, I have used twitter a bit more than usual this month. Not really tweeting but just reading, favoriting and following. I have met more book bloggers via twitter this month and they’re just lovely people.

» The show that got me hooked this month is Nikita. If I watch anything its that. She’s such a badass female. So basically Nikita was taken out of prison and forced to work for this underground black ops group, this group goes rogue and she escapes. The first one ever to escape. And now she wants to take them down.

If you guys watched Divergent you might recognise her as Tori.





» I am also a bit busy because I’ve been taking a few online courses. One of these courses (and possibly my favorite) is a creative writing course on a website called coursera. Its a great course that helps you find your stlye of writing and is even supposed to talk about pubilshing in the last week of the course. The course also has guest speakers who are writers themselves. It just started so if you’re interested click here to learn more about the course. Plus it’s free!

» I’ve been feeling a bit creative and like I want to write somthing lately so I bought a few small notebooks that are easy to carry around wherever I go.


and I decided to personalise them with paint. So far I’ve only painted on one:

DSC02230 This is my rookie attempt at Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


» Another thing that got me hooked is performance poetry. Specificly Spoken Word poems. I love poetry but my love for performance poetry is pretty new. My brother who doesn’t like poetry watched one of the Spoken Word videos with me and loved it. He then went on to watch a few more. That made me so excited! Bellow are some that I found so inspiring. Take a look:

» Something that has recently caught my attention is Malala. I knew the name but untill recently (and by recently I mean yesterday) I found out her story. I am in such awe of this brilliant young woman. She stood up to the taliban saying that girls should have an education and for that she was shot in the head. She survived. And she continues to speak for the right of children and women. I thought she was older but she’s only 17! Now I want her Biography and am anticipating the documentary about her thats to be released soon. I can’t believe I didn’t know her story untill now! I think she is a great example of girl power. 


So that pretty much sums up my month in June. I'm feeling in the reading mood again and plan to read a handful of books this coming month. 

How was your reading month? Let me know in the comments bellow!


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