Top Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

This wonderful meme was brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish. Be sure to head over there to check out previous and next Top Ten Tuesday topics.

1. Faster Reading Skills

Yes please! I’m a slow reader so I wish this one a lot. Every time I try to read fast I get the words mixed up and need to go back to make sense of things. I wish I was able to read faster, get threw a book faster so that I can start the next. Plus this would help with backing up and scheduling reviews. Who else is a slow reader?

2. Various Editions of Favorite Books

How cool would this be! I’d deffinitely ask for various coppies of Lord of the Rings.
3. Ability to Travel In and Out of the Books

If the book genie only granted me one wish I’d want it to be this! Just imagine! Imagine your most loved book. Now imagine being in that setting and meeting the characters that live there. *heart eyes*

4. Merch from Favorite Fandoms

I don’t own a lot of fandom related thing and that needs to change.
5. Statement Wall of Bookshelves Filled with Books


That is my dream wall right there. Just FULL of books.
6. Meeting (and possibly befriending) Amazing Authors

Who wouln’t want this? I’d like to at least meet some of my favorite authors. It would be a plus if we actually get to have a conversation though. A huge plus.

7. Attend the Big Book Conventions

I want to go to these bog book events like BEA, Book Con, Yallfest and Yallwest ❤
8. Have All My Favorite Authors Books (Signed)

I mean come on. Got to have that on the list.
9. Take a Behind the Scenes Tour of a Publishing House

This would be really cool. I’d be able to see the inner workings of the book realm.
10. Participate in an Epic Reads Book Nerd Problem

Epic Reads has a segment they do on their Youtube channel called Book Nerd Problems. They’re short videos (around 3 minutes) that express -you guessed it- book nerd problems. I love those videos! So relatable and they just seem like a lot of fun.

What would you ask for? If you’ve done a Top Ten, feel free to link it bellow 🙂


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

  1. The bookshelves are so pretty! Unfortunately, I’ve run out of room on the bookshelf in my room 😦 Hopefully, I can get a bookshelf like the one above some day 🙂

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