AntiBullyingReads read-a-thon was an idea thought by Sarah (over at her youtube channel: Sarah Churchill) in which you read books that touch on the topic of bullying. It can be about bulliny or have a character in it that is bullied. The goal of this is to bring awareness to bullying by using #AntiBullingRead and of course to learn more about the topic and sympathise and empathise.

It takes place on the 16th of November to the 22nd. If you’re interested join the Goodreads group. It’s the base camp.

There are also going to be giveaways! Thats always fun 🙂

I unfortunately won’t be taking part in this read-a-thon. I just finished my small collection of books that concern bullying a coulpe of days ago. If I knew this read-a-thon was coming up I would’ve waited to read them 😦
Or hopefully I’ll pick up more books before the read-a-thon.

But I will help to spread awareness. If you can’t participate in this read-a-thon please help spread the word!
This is a serious topic and more people need to know how serious it is. It would be a lot of help.

Above is the read-a-thon annoucement. I really would appreciate book recommendations on this topic. So please, if you have any let me know in the comments below. 🙂


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