October Favorites


I’ve found a handful of things in the month of October that I love! So here is my post on my October favorites. I’ll try to put them in categories to make them more organized. 


I’m gunna start by mentioning my favorite book this month. Now, while I didn’t have any five start reads or didn’t read a book this moth that wowed me of the four books I read I enjoyed Gone Girl and Carrie the most.





Keeping it book related lets talk about NetGalley. I recently joined NetGalley and I’m really excited! NetGalley is a site where book reviewers and other proffesional readers (I love the sound of that) can read books before they are published. You put in your request to review a book and based on your profile (which should include information about your blog) or what that specific publisher is looking for you may or may not be accepted to review it. Of course all the ARCs are in E-book format.



My favorite TV shows have been Full House a comedy show that ran in the late 80s to mid 90s. I love this show. Its full of humor, family bonds and life lessons. Among the stars of the show are the Olsen twins and John Stamos.



John Stamos is also in another of this month’s favorite show: Grandfathered. This is a current sicom that just came out. The main character (John Stamos) finds out he has a son and that his son has a duaghter. So now this lady’s man is trying to deal with the idea that he’s a grandpa. This also stars Josh Peck from Drake & Josh.


Now to more serious shows:


The Walking Dead is back for the 6th season! I love this show. Some seasons I like more than others but this is one of my all time favorite shows. Last season ended interstingly so I’m curious to see where this season leads.


Heroes is back!! I’m am so excited for this! I loved Heroes but didn’t like how it ended and now, (what has it been? five years?) we get more. If you don’t know about Heroes its a show about people who dicover they have these abilities (accelerated healing, telekinesis, invisibility … and the list goes on) but because people are known to be threatened by what they don’t know they keep it a sectret and try not to get killed by certain someones.  Heroes Reborn takes place five years later.




Blog Planner

This has helped me tremendously! If you don’t already have a blog planner I highly recommend you get one. It helps you keep track of what’s happening on your blog in the month and helps you plan you post. Thanks to the planner I’ve been able to schedule posts in advance and I cannot tell you how great it is for you as a blogger.
I’ve seen some really nice blog planner for sale on etsy and I know Parajunkee has made a planner specially for book bloggers (you can check it out here).
But there are still stunning planners you can get for free, you just have to find them. Pinterest people. Go on interest and type in “free blog planner”, I guarantee there will be a lot of them.
You can visit my Pinterest blog board to see the free planners I saved there.

This to do list is one thing I found via Pinterest. It was made by Hannah and she decided to make it free for other book bloggers 😀 Click on the image to take you to her site where you can download and print it.
If you have any great planner please let me know where I can check it out.


Dewey’s 24 hour read a thon

I loved taking part in this read-a-thon! It was so fun. I was  powering through in a comfy spot with snacks all day. I think a marathon where you can snack on cookies is one hell of a marathon.



top ten wishes I’d ask the book genie


Tayasui sketches




This is a great app if you like digital art. I use it to make quick scetches for my blog like the one in the beginning of this post. I’m hoping I can get better at using this. It really fun too! (I am not being sponsored 🙂 )

It’s free unless you want certain features, but you can do a whole lot with what is free. You can even link your stylus to the app if thats what you prefer.


Those are my favorites of the month! Let me know something you really enjoyed this month and what you thought of the list of things above.


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