Book Review: The Empty

Title: The Empty
Author: Jimmie Robinson
Artist: Jimmie Robinson

Genre: Sequential Art, Comic Book
Pages: 152
Published by: Image Comics
First Published: September 30, 2015
Format: E-book
Source: NetGalley

Goddreads Synopsis: 

Tanoor is a hunter struggling to feed her village in an apocalyptic world of poison and decay, but Tanoor finds hope when she discovers a stranger named Lila who has the ability to grow life from death—a power that could change the world of The Empty.

On the Art:

While I was very impressed that the writer was also the artist, it wasn’t my kind of art. I liked the the chapter art more than the art through out the comic. The art style of the different characters look like the work of two separate artists which was distracting and drew my attention away from the story.

Plot Overview:

The story follows two main character struggles: Tanoor, a hunter, who lives in The Empty  – a barren land, infected with poison, as far as the eye can see – and Lila, a farmer from a different land, who washes up on shore of The Empty with no momoery of how she got there. The poison comes from deadly roots and infects the scarse plants and animals that do live there. Tanoor knows that the people can’t go on much longer and something needs to be done. The opportunity arrives when Lila washes up on shore and discovers that she has the ability to heal and give live to the land – an ability she didn’t know she possessed.  Tanoor makes a deal with Lila to help her find her way back to her island if she helps heal the source of the poison.

My Thoughts:


So by my rating you can guess by now that I didn’t like this comic. There were too many things going on in this. Not only was the art incohessive but the dialogue also didn’t quite flow. A lot of the sentences were halting and short, and switching from one dialect to another (with the addition of the conflicting art) interupted the flow of the story. I understand the writer wanted to delineate that the characters are different, but it was just an overload of things that prevented the story from flowing smoothly.

I find it interesting that the cause of the planet’s state is due to human error. How science can turn sour on the scientists. And how the preys becomes the predators. That might be an errie thing to say but it made that part of the story interessting because it opens up the mind to realize that people seem to tear down their surroundings, sometimes even when they mean no harm. But the themes were very out there in your face. It would’ve been better to keep it subtle.FullSizeRender-2

On the Characters:

Of the characters, the most interesting of them would be Tanoor. She’s the type of character that won’t take crap and I like that about her. Her past was only briefly mentioned and I feel if the story was just about her it would have been more interesting. Lila I didn’t really care for (nor the other characters). There was also something about Lila that seemed unrealistic. She seemed to adapt to her new found ability quickly with the sudden knowledge of what she can do.

On the Rating:

It got 1 and 1/2 stars mainly because it didn’t really flow smoothly for me.


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