Books to Look Forward to in (the first half of) 2016

Yes, 2015 is basically over. If you’re the sentimental type this is the time of the year when you look back on everything of the previous year. All the memories of the good times and the bad with the thought “man, I’m gunna miss that year”.

But don’t get lost in memories! (Did not mean to make that sound rehersed. Oh well) To get you lovely book lovin people off to a hopeful new year here are some books to look forward to in 2016.

This isn’t going to contain summaries of any of the books. It’s more of a visual. Also I was going to list books to come out throughout the year 2016 but not all the covers are out and like I said, it’s a visual thing. So…It’s gunna be for HALF of the year. But it all works out becuase mid year I can make a post on the books for the second half of the year!

I’m only listing the top books most people are dying to read so that this post isn’t too long. Also, remember these are expected publication dates, which means they might change.

Jan Releases
Feb Releases
March Releases
Apr Releases
May Releases
June Releases
So what are the books you’re looking forward to?

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10 thoughts on “Books to Look Forward to in (the first half of) 2016

  1. OH boy oh boy oh boy ! So many of these are already on my TBR list but some of these are sequels to books I have on my TBR list as well.. so many little time.

    Have you heard anything about Never Never? It looks promising.

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    • Well it’s pretty vague. All I know is that this girl and boy have been childhood friends then develop feelings but are then strangers.

      “Complete strangers since this morning.
      He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.”

      and I know that its being publishd in parts, not as a whole.


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