Pop Sugar 2016 Reading Challenge

Last year, (I feel like it’s too soon to say “last year”) I wanted to try Pop Sugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge. I wasn’t being stricked about it though. It was more like I’d read a book and then match it to one of th categories. I would also use more than one book to complete one challenge. For example, for the challenges ‘A banned book’ and ‘A popular author’s first book’ I used one book: Looking for Alaska.
But this year I’d like to complete as much challenges as possible with Pop Sugar’s 2016 Reading Challenge. I’m not sure I’ll complete all the challenges though. (Reading a Political Memoir just doesn’t appeal to me.)

Here is the challenge:




The picture has been edited on Dec 21, 2016.



7 thoughts on “Pop Sugar 2016 Reading Challenge

  1. […] Guys, I’ve never failed so hard before! So here’s a break down of what I wanted to do this year: Blog more. And from my previous post you can tell that was ever so slightly unsuccessful (okay, okay, it was a whole lot of unsuccessful.) I put some reading and blogging goals apart from the Pop Sugar challenge I wanted to accomplish. As for Pop Sugar challenge itself I only checked a few off of that list. That challenge sunk like a bag of rocks in water. I updated a post so you can see all the books I checked off that list here. […]


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