Blogging and Reading Goals of 2016

OOO! So excited for this post! It’s the first time I’ve done this type of post. I’ve been blogging a little while now and I think I know more or less what needs improvement. So I decided to make blogging as well as reading goals for the new year. Let’s hope I can stick to them!

Okay, so lets start with the reading goals I set for myself:

  1. complete my goodreads goal of 50 books
  2. complete most of the Pop Sugar 2016 Reading Challenge
  3. read books from 10 new-to-me authors
  4. re-read 5 books
  5. read 5 non-fiction books
  6. read more comics/graphic novels (probably gunna have to borrow a lot)
  7. more audiobooks!
  8. finish my list of Books I Must Read in 2016

Blogging Goals:

  1. Better content.
  2. Diversify the blogs I follow. (most blogs I follow are in my WP circles)
  3. Less requesting from NetGalley (Just tone it down!)
  4. Reach 600 subscribers (I usually don’t care about statistics but they matter when requesting reviews)
  5. Post a least 3 Book Reviews every month
  6. Leave a review on Goodreads as well
  7. Review most of the books I read in 2016



17 thoughts on “Blogging and Reading Goals of 2016

  1. I plan to read around 50 books this year too! And three reviews a month sound so productive! I can only write 1-2 every month 😅
    Best of luck for your blog this year! I’m sure you’ll get 600 followers (and more!) 💪

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    • Yes! Exactly how I felt, which is why I decided to make this resolution. Sometimes its hard to get out of your comfort zone. It’s like how I order the same drink at Starbucks instead of trying something new. LOL

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