Top Ten Books I Must Get to in 2016

So you know how you buy a book, fully intending to read it soon but then time goes by and…damn, it didn’t happen. Yeah, well, I bought books in 2015 that I really wanted to read but it’s 2016 and there they lie, still unread, judging me, calling me.
Okay so it’s not that serious, but these are books I intend to get to before 2017.
I just decided to make this a Top Ten Tuesday post becuase while I was counting my top books stacked on my shelves, it just so happened they added up to ten!

Let’s start with the series I want to get to:

1. A Game of Thrones

(want to at least read the first 3. I might re-read the first one.)

Wrap Up1 Wrap Up1 Wrap Up2

2. Harry Potter

(want to read them all!)

 Wrap Up1 Wrap Up2

3.The Girl with All the Gift

Wrap Up3

4. American Gods

Wrap Up1

5. Station Eleven

Wrap Up2

6. 1984

Wrap Up3

7. Fahrenhiet 451

Wrap Up1

8. The Gold Finch

Wrap Up1

9. The Luminaries

Wrap Up2

10. It

Wrap Up3


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Must Get to in 2016

  1. I hope you enjoy Harry Potter! I think I’ll have to read Fahrenheit 451 and the other classic for school this year. I should read Game of Thrones bc of its raving reviews but the size is so intimidating!

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  2. Station Eleven was one of my favourite books for 2015, which surprised me because it took a little bit for me to get into it. Just keep reading it, even if it seems boring/confusing at the beginning. Hopefully I’ll be writing a review for it soon!
    Let me know what you think of it if you ever get around to reading it!

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  3. I love “IT” and I don’t think you will regret starting it. I have Game of Thrones on my list too, but I am also realize that was part of last year’s goals as well and I never even started it – well, I may have read the first three pages or so. Wonderful choice of books and I need to get a copy of “The Girl With All the Gifts” too. Happy 2016!

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    • A Game of Thrones! ❤ I only read the first book but I loved it and want to really get to the rest. I hope I love these books on the list. All of them hold some interest to me. I've heard that a lot of people who read 1984 love Fahrenheit 451 and vise versa. Have you read it?

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  4. I want to pick up the GOT books again. I tried to read the first one after watching the show and it was almost word for word so it was a little dull to read. But I might try and read a few pages of each book a day…once I catch-up on the latest season haha

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    • So you’re a fan of the overall story then. I love it! I hear the season coming out is going to start spoiling it for the readers. The show is now ahead of the books, though there are something that were added or weren’t shown in the show

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      • I only hear good things about the books from my friends. My brother has read all the books so he is quick to tell me what is different between the two 😛
        Yes, it will be interesting to see how much this new season will be like the unpublished book!

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