Top 5 Favorite Fandoms

For this topic we are free to choose from books, tv, movies etc. How the heck am I going to choose five fandoms?! ONLY FIVE! Wow, this is going to be hard.

Disclaimer: This list doesn’t include Harry Potter or the Shadowhunters because I feel like I’m still getting into those worlds and not yet fully immersed. Who knows, by the end of the year they may be on my list!

*cracks nuckles* *cracks neck* *cracks back*
Okay thats enough, let’s do this!

Lord of the Rings

ermegerd!! I can’t even!! Words. Where are words? dfhgashaiudja’awej! I love everything about this world  and the characters! Oh the characters! *grabs heart and sobs*



*squeal!* Completely sherlocked! That character is just so fun to see in action, deducing and throwing insluts. Just awesome! LOVE THIS!!

Game of Thrones

YAASS! I love this world and the characters so much which is why I really want to continue on with the series!


Star Wars

OMIGOSH!! ALL THE FEELS! Obi Wan!! Lightsabers! R2D2 and C3-PO!


Percy Jackson

Who else is with me on this?! It’s been so amazing watching these characters grow and overcome their struggles. *cries* It’s so beautiful! Also: Leo Valdez anyone???


The Walking Dead
Marvel Universe
DC Universe
Pirates of the Caribean

Okay, Okay. no more. I don’t want this to be a never ending list. I’m probably gunna look back at this list and remember something that I should’ve listed.


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