Book Gush: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Okay, I can say that I definitely enjoyed this one a lot more than the first book. Not that I didn’t like the first one (view my thoughts here), I just found it’s a lot more exciting to read when you don’t really know what’s going to happen. Which was the case here. There were things I didn’t predict and new characters introduced. I loved it!
I give it a 5/5 stars 🙂

If you haven’t read The Chamber of Secrets proceed with caution. Spoilers ahead!

I don’t know what to ramble about first!
How about the characters?

Okay: Gilderoy Lockheart.
What a character! He’s so full of himself! I’d roll my eyes or chuckle every time he gave advice to Harry on how to be famous and how to work a crowd.

It was so funny how Ron hated him because of his pompousness! The comments he would make! Oh and how Harry would try his very best to avoid him. Which wasn’t easy since he was his teacher.

Another character introduced was Draco Malfoy’s dad: Lucius Malfoy.
Wow. I thought Draco was bad but he’s just a tyke compared to Lucius. Lucius is horrible! He hates anyone who isn’t a pure-blood wizard and hates some pure-bloods. He thought Dumbledoor is the worst thing for Hogwarts! Are you kidding me?? Oh and how he treated the Weasleys! He’s just prejudice all around

Tom Riddle 
Did not see that coming! It’s eerie how many things Harry and Voldermort have in common I’m interested to learn more about Voldemort. I really hope they talk more about his past.
That aside: How cool was that notebook though!

Alright now on to the more positive side:

As always the Weasleys are my favorite wizard family but there are a couple of more characters in this book that warmed their way to my heart.

This book told a little more about Hagrid. I had liked Hagrid from book one (he’s just the kind of character you can’t help but love) but in this book he just made my heart all warm! Hagrid was always trying to befriend and protect big wild creatures. I also loved his dog, Rubeus (oops!) Fang! He’s so adorable!!! Harmless giant just like his owner. XD


My heart goes out to that house elf! Who else loves Dobby? The fact that he felt he had to punish himself broke my heart! And the fact that the Malfoys mistreated him made me dislike them even more! I wanted to hug him!


Let’s fangirl/boy about it in the comments! Let me know what you thought about this!

P.S. here are some gifs I found on Pinterest:


3 thoughts on “Book Gush: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  1. You got a couple of character names wrong haha, but a great review anyway! Ugh, this book always makes me want a house elf. Dobby is just the cutest 🙂 I sort of love to hate Lucius, he’s an amazing bad guy. The diary is super clever, and you don’t even know the exciting bits about it yet 😛 No spoilers though!

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  2. […] I LOVED IT! I gave this 5/5 stars. I loved this a lot more than the first book because I didn’t really remember the events I saw in the movie years ago. I contemplated doing a review for this book but there just didn’t seem like a point to it. Everyone under a rock knows about this book, and this book has undoubtedly been reviewed hundreds of times. So instead I decided to do a “Book Gush!” because this was my first time reading Harry Potter and I really wanted to talk about it. So you can check out my Book Gush on HP and the Socerer’s Stone as well as HP and the Chamber of Secrets […]


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