Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Award – Part 1

I have had this in my drafts for so long! 3 people have tagged me for the award. Thank you Evy, Amanda and  Christina (sorry it has taken this long)! Because there are a lot of questions and I don’t want this to be a very long post I’m going to split this into two parts. This being part 1.


1. Display the Award’s Logo on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and mention them in a link that easily links them back to their own site.
3. Answer ten questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
4. Nominate ten other bloggers and inform them about the nomination.
5. Ask them ten questions of your choice.


Evy’s @Seriously Good Book Reviews Questions :

What type of music do you listen to?
I don’t really listen to music; I’ve heard songs and that’s just because those are the really famous songs that are everywhere but to say that I listen to music is a stretch. 

Who inspires you? (This can be someone you know, or a singer, actor, etc. that you look up to)
Oh this is hard. It depends on their personality. For people, it doesn’t matter what age they are, where they are from or how wealthy they are; none of that makes a great person. For me, intelligence (not necessarily schooling, just an intelligent mind) and kindness play a huge role. For example, the first person to come to mind is Malala.
There are many people who I believe to be great inspirations, so I think it would be easier to say what inspires me.
Art inspires me. Of various forms. Whether it be paint on canvas or words on pages.

What is your favorite snack to eat while reading?
I hardly ever eat while reading, but a couple of times I snacked on cookies while reading. That was fun 🙂

What are your favorite genres to read?
Fantasy is my most favored genre! It’s so awesome and I’m not hesitant to rank it #1 in my eyes. After that though, probably contemporaries and (lately) literary fiction.

What are (is) your favorite TV show?
There are so many shows that I can list. A mixture of archived and still running shows. But that would be way too much (maybe I’ll make a separate post for that). For the sake of giving your question an answer I’ll say:

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  –  this is definitely my favorite show of all time. I can watch it again and again! If you haven’t watched this go watch it. You’re welcome!

Gilmore Girls   – There’s just so many things I love about this! It’s a family show about a daughter and her mother (who are besties). There’s just the right amount of drama, humor, and loads of quirkiness! Oh and did I mention Rory (the daughter) is a book nerd?

What are the best and worst book-to-film adaption you’ve seen?
Worst I’ve seen: Percy Jackson

Best I’ve seen: Lord of the Rings

Do you speak any foreign languages?
What’s foreign to you? The languages I know are: english (obviously), a little spanish and a little arabic (though I feel like I’m slowly losing this one).

How long have you been blogging? Why did you start?
I started blogging in March of 2015. I wanted an outlet were I could talk about books with other people who liked to talk and hear about books. Which I think is why many of us started 🙂

What (other than books), are you passionate about?
I like photography, painting and blogging ( hehe, I don’t think that last one was a mystery)

Why should people follow your blog? (Take this opportunity to shamelessly self-promote!!)
Cuz if you click that small follow button a tiny book fairy comes out and spoils you with all things bookish!

haha, if only. I can’t give you a book fairy but if you want to hear more about books then click the follow button 🙂


Amanda’s @Amanda’s Book Nook Questions :

If there was a fire and you could only save one book, which would you try to save?
Oh why?! Why? I think I might save Fahrenheit 451, The Book Thief and Inkdeath. I don’t think I could just pick one 😀

When do you get your most productive reading done? Night, day, or does it matter?
Um, lately it’s been at night. Especially right before I sleep.

What bookish thing, other than books, do you collect?
I don’t think I collect anything bookish other than books. I have bookmarks and a pop funko character of A Song of Ice and Fire series,but I don’t collect them.

How do you keep your place in a book?
ironically I don’t use the bookmarks I have. I just look at the page number before a close it and I’ll remember more or less where I left off.

What is the longest series you’ve ever committed to?
The Ranger’s Apprentice series. I love those books! I still think about those characters. It had a total of 12 books but you don’t have to read all of them and don’t have to read them in order.

What are some things other than reading that you enjoy doing?
See Evy’s question above 🙂

When did you develop a love for reading?
Well I never hated reading when I was younger, but then again I didn’t really love it like I do now. I was more about playing outside. I think I got into reading around 4th grade.

What book has been on your TBR the longest?
I think it might be The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell and Endgame

Do you have a book that you pick up every time you are in the bookstore but never buy?

Is there a genre that you have tried to read but as hard as you try you just can’t get into it?
Not really. I’m really picky with Sci-Fi though. I mean the type of Sci-Fi that deals with space, like space operas. Those types.


and the nominees are…

@Rose Read
Savi @All Things YA
Paige @Page by Paige
Jolien @The Fictional Reader
Kelly @Stellar Scrutiny
@Head in the Clouds, Heart in the Books
Raye @The Book Hoarder
Ally @Multifandomed Book Blogger
Jessica @Bookish Serendipity
MC @Blame It On The Books


1. Do you read comics or graphic novels? If so what are your favorites?
2. Besides blogging or reading what do you like doing?
3. Name three of your absolute favorite bloggers. (Book related or other)
4. What are your favorite shows/movies?
5. What quote do you love?
6. What genre do you most enjoy?
7. How often do you use Goodreads?
8. What is blog post you loved most writing so far in 2016?
9. What’s your biggest blogging goal in 2016?
10. What the book you keep recommending to everyone and anyone who breathes?


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