Top Ten Graphic Novels/Comics I want to Try

I’ve really wanted to read more graphic novels and comics lately, so this year I’m gunna try to do just that. Since it’s a TTT freebie I decided to compile a list of the top ten comics (and a couple of graphic novels) I want to check out. Hope you enjoy!















18 thoughts on “Top Ten Graphic Novels/Comics I want to Try

      • To be honest, I just started reading them recently and I still have mixed feelings about them, haha 😀 I mean… sure, some of them are amazing but it’s hard to find a good one.
        I enjoyed reading Saga, which you probably heard about because everyone is reading it.
        But besides Maus, I enjoyed the most reading American Born Chinese (I also made a review for this book on my blog) and Persepolis. They were fantastic and I would highly recommend them! 🙂

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  1. YAY! Great choice of topic this week. I always love freebie week as people always do such amazing topics! I really want to start reading more graphic novels. I especially want to read V for Vendetta as it’s one of my favourite movies of all time.

    Here’s my TTT post if you want to check it out. I picked non-book romances I would love to see get book adaptations.

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  2. The Hawkeye comics by Matt Fraction are awesome, I cannot recommend them enough! Definitely one of the best from the Marvel NOW! series 🙂 The only series I was following from DC’s New 52 is Aquaman which I’m really enjoying and highly recommend as well 🙂

    Great list! I hope you enjoy reading all of these comics and graphic novels when you get to them 🙂


    • Thank you so much! I love recommendations (especially when it’s comic or graphic novels). I heard a lot of great thing about Aquaman. I’m thinking of checking it out. you gotta check out Gotham Academy! Just try it. I’m posting a review really soon (maybe Sunday)


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