Published Addition to the Wizarding World!

If you missed it, yesterday it was announced that there would be anonther published installment in the Wizarding World!

This has sent a buzz in social media from potterheads everywhere! Though while people seem very excited and ready to welcome this new book, there seems to be a little confusion.
Let’s debunk them here:

  • It isn’t a novel

This isn’t a novel! It’s going to be a published script of the play, The Cursed Child, so that even if you can’t see it live in London you’ll be able to buy a copy and read it. It will be published after the play’s world premiere this summer.


  • It isn’t a prequel

Oh for the love of all things magical! Stop asking if it’s a prequel. This has been asked and answered so much now. It is definitely not a prequel. It’s set 19 years later.

So that’s what I wanted to say about this topic. To learn more about the play, click here. Also see the post on Pottermore talking about the published script.



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