2016 Reading Challenge? Oh yeah!

So pretty much every year for the past three (or has it been four) years I’ve set reading goals for myself. Most of the time it’s just challenging myself to read a certain amount of books, but this year I decided to try Pop Sugars 2016 challenge! Because I’m a reading BOWSE (is that how you spell it. Idk how that looks as a word) and I got this!

haha, yeah no.

Guys, I’ve never failed so hard before!
So here’s a break down of what I wanted to do this year: Blog more. And from my previous post you can tell that was ever so slightly unsuccessful (okay, okay, it was a whole lot of unsuccessful.) I put some reading and blogging goals apart from the Pop Sugar challenge I wanted to accomplish. As for Pop Sugar challenge itself I only checked a few off of that list. That challenge sunk like a bag of rocks in water. I updated a post so you can see all the books I checked off that list here.

I also had to adujst my Goodreads challenge from 50 to 35. I set a goal to read a total of 50 books this year which I thought was a very reasonable amount. And it is, but because of that god aweful reading rut *shivers* I didn’t read that much and because it’s the end of the year I don’t think I’d make it to 50. But I will make it to 35 (maybe closer to 40)!


When the year is over I’ll list all the books I’ve read. So did you check off all the things on your reading goals this year?



3 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenge? Oh yeah!

  1. I met my reading goal–even surpassing it which shocked me. I thought I was going to be reading considerably less this year given the change in my daily schedule. Of course, the number is grossly inflated thanks to the number of serial novella series I read.

    As for my own personal resolutions, I met 5 of the 10. And if you ask me, those were the 5 that I really wanted to get accomplished so it’s kinda a success?

    I’m really curious to see what 2017 will bring!


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