Debuting My Personlized Reading Challenge (that i pray i won’t completely fail)

Hello fabulous bibliophile (and magical faerie creatures of the forest)!

New year usually mean new reading challenges for us Book Sniffers.

*best announcer voice* I interrupt this blog post momentarily to say: If you’re still looking for a reading challenge check out my post Searching fo a Good Reading Challenge? (wild title right?)

I love reading challenges. I do, really. I know, I know, I don’t really have the best track record of completing* the challenges but it’s fun trying to match a book to a challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when you get to tick it of your list is almost as satisfying as popping bubble wrap**! I mean what kind of living, breathing human DOESN’T LIKE POPPING BUBBLE WRAP? 

I usually go for the Pop Sugar yearly reading challenge but this year a handful of their challenges are a little too specific (like “a book with a cat on the cover”) for me. I know with all my blood pumping muscle that I won’t complete this year’s Pop Sugar challenge. So..this year I said “Eff it! I’ll make my own challenge so I can earn the glorious trophy of completion!”
And that’s what I did! I made a list of 22 reading challenges that aren’t very specific so there’s wiggle room in choosing a book.

*Translation: I fail so hard.
**Let’s face it, nothing is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap.



So that’s my challenge. You guys are welcome to print the check list if you want to do this challenge. Have any of you made a challenge? Leave it in the comments for others to see.


9 thoughts on “Debuting My Personlized Reading Challenge (that i pray i won’t completely fail)

  1. […]             I think this is pretty reasonable. I got this.            I have yet to have a geust post on my blog and I want that to change. Gunna make this the year it happens! Ugh, the tedious work of cleaning up a blog.            Don’t be a recluse, don’t be a recluse, don’t be a recluse. My new mantra.             This year I don’t wanna focus so much on the amount of books I read (though it would be great to read a lot). This year I want to read more books that’ll open up mind to new things. I want to be able to close a book and have a new or wider prospective on something. So I guess you can say I’m trying to focus more on the quality of the book. I made a personal reading challenge this year! You can check it out in my blog post here. […]


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