Comic Book Review: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol.1


Title: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol1. : Squirrel Power
Ryan North
Erica Henderson
Suoerheroes, Humor (Young Adult)
September 1st, 2015

Goodreads Synopsis:
Wolverine, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Thanos: There’s one hero that’s beaten them all-and now she’s got her own ongoing series! (Not that she’s bragging.) That’s right, you asked for it, you got it, it’s SQUIRREL GIRL! (She’s also starting college this semester.) It’s the start of a brand-new set of adventures starring the nuttiest and most upbeat super hero in the world!

My Thoughts:

When my brothers first told me about Squirrel Girl, who beat some of the most badass people in the marvel universe including, Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Deadpool and even Thanos, with nothing but squirrel like abilities! I thought Marvel was playing a joke. I mean, clearly it had to be. How could one person beat Thanos, the most powerful being in the marvel universe with squirrel like abilities?? It’s a joke. Right?


The Plot + Character: Squirrel Girl’s now got her own on going series. The first volume (collecting issues #1-4) is a fresh start for people to get to know her. She decides to take up the human identity of Doreen, move out of the Avenger’s attic (where she’s been secretly living) and go to college.
She’s a 17 year-old with squirrel genes fighting side by side with her buddy Tippy-Toe, a normal squirrel. She’s strong and her squirrel genes gives her a big bushy tail, the ability to jump and climb with the agility of her furry friends, a strong love for nuts and the ability to converse with squirrels.
When she’s not busy putting away the bad guys, she trys to fit in as just Doreen; a college freshman studying computer science.

If it sounds kooky, that’s squirrel girl for ya. Squirrel Girl is definitely more whimsical and essentric than other Marvel comics. I think it’s what fans love about the series. While I did find it funny at times, the type of humor wasn’t really of my taste.

There are things in Squirrel Girl that stood out. For example, it was immensely appreciated that she wasn’t sxualized as most Marvel female character sadly are. She didn’t have a tiny unrealistc waist with huge boobs fighting in what looks like a skimpy and uncomfortable outfit. She was a young woman, with a body shape of normal measuremeants, who celebrated the size of her booty. It’s one of the best body positivity images I’ve seen from Marvel and we need more realistic character images like this in comics.

Also, Squirrel Girls preference to reasoning with the villains was delightfully unexpected for a superhero comic.


The Art: I loved the cartoonish style of Squirrel Girl; I think it fits with bubbly nature of its protagonist. The color pallete is all generally vesiually flattering. I also loved the Deadpool villain cards included in here! Squirrel Girl is basically a fangirl of here fellow heroes (or in Deadpool’s case anti-hero), she has these cards titled Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villains which basically lists things to know about the villain. It’s not without the witty comments of Deadpool which makes it even better!

Overall I thought it was okay. I don’t have plans of picking up the next instalment but who knows.

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