Pilot Review: Mr. Robot (no spoilers)

(this post was written in 2016 and I’m just now getting to posting it.)

I thought I’d add movie/show reviews to my content here on the blog since watching them is something I love doing. Plus I’ve also started to pick up more shows to watch since the ones I am invested in are on break. I haven’t really decided if I’ll review all shows I watch yet or just ones that I’m really excited about. Anyway, on to the review!

I’ve been hearing a lot of Mr. Robot and saw how many nominations and awards it got. It won a Golden Glob for best drama and Rami Malek was nominated for a Golden Glob and an Emmy for best lead actor. And those are just some of the awards and nominations.

Elliot is a cybersecurity engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night. He is disgusted by society norms and views and is recruted by a man only known as Mr. Robot to join an underground group of hackers called Fsociety. Their goal is to take down the consumer credit industry to free the working class of debt; to do this they need to slowly bring down E Corp (a major company playing a huge role in the CCI).


One of the major things that gets you coming back for more is the lead himself. He is so full of intrigue and mystery and though the plot is told through his inner monologue we still don’t know much about him. What we do know is that he wants a better society and thinks that joining Fsociety might be the start. He’s aslo extremely anti-social and finds it very difficult to interact with others on a day to day basis. With the exception of a childhood friend, he’s completely alone and he copes with the extemity of it by snorting morphine.

This show is also very psycological. There is no actual proof that Mr. Robot exists. Yup. That’s right. No actual proof. So all this might actually be a delusion. And there are a lot of things supporting this theory. Like the fact Mr. Robot doesn’t have a name and he can only be found when he wants to be – out of the blue. How Elliot has thought on more than one occasion “fuck society” then Fsociety shows up. He also thinks these men in black suits keep following him and he’s not sure if they’re real or not. But then again you can’t be 100% sure that these are delusions and this is just something he’s fabricating.

It’s so good! Definitely gunna keep up with this!


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