Hopes and Wishes for 2017! (Let there be dragons!)

I was so happy when I found out a lot of people set reading goals and bloggers set blogging goals they didn’t achieve!
Oh, wow. Now that I see it typed out infront of me, it sounds really mean.

Yes, yes it sounds very diabolical and surely only a super villain would say such a thing. Well I’m not a super villain, yet. What I mean is, it didn’t make me feel like a complete failure. You know that feeling when you get low marks on a test but then you find out so did the entire class, including your grade’s intelectual badass? And then you’re like: Huh, I didn’t fail I’m just normal. Yeah, it’s like that. So you see I’m not mean I’m just happy I’m in the club.

(My sister is watching One Tree Hill next to me so I apologize if I start typing out Lucas’s dialogue.)

HOWEVER! (note dramatic transition) I plan on breaking free from this club. Yeah guys, it’s been fun and all but I actually want to one day maybe succeed in my list of goals sometime in my life.

So here’s my list of reading and personal goals I want to achieve:


            I think this is pretty reasonable. I got this.

           I have yet to have a geust post on my blog and I want that to change. Gunna make this the year it happens!
Ugh, the tedious work of cleaning up a blog.
           Don’t be a recluse, don’t be a recluse, don’t be a recluse. My new mantra.
            This year I don’t wanna focus so much on the amount of books I read (though it would be great to read a lot). This year I want to read more books that’ll open up mind to new things. I want to be able to close a book and have a new or wider prospective on something. So I guess you can say I’m trying to focus more on the quality of the book.
I made a personal reading challenge this year! You can check it out in my blog post here.


Yes, I’m trying to become the next Elliot. (Mr. Robot reference anyone?) Okay, no. I just wanna learn the basics. I recently realised how important it is. Coding has been intergrated into almost every job. There’s so much I could say about why I decided to learn to code (and who knows maybe I will in a later post) but it could take a while. So I’ll just say, I’d like to know how programs work.
Apparently being Mexican doesn’t garantee that you’ll speak fluent spanish. Sorry, Abuela! (Do I get brownie points for say grandma in Spanish? How about just brownies?) So because we lived in a community where English was the main thing that was spoken, that’s was what we spoke most of the time which didn’t leave much room for Spanish. I really want to become fluent in Spanish.
            Whether it’s a water color painting, a quick sketch or even coloring, I’d like to keep that part of my brain active.
I concider myself an active person an active person; I workout 5 to 6 times a week but I still like to see it written as a goal.
             Dragons are just misunderstood creature! Come to mama!
              *le cry*

So that’s it! I can do this! Right? Right? I wanna know your goals. Tell me in the comments! Also if you have a similar post feel free leave a link!
Soon-to-be-Mother-of-Dragons OUT!


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