What My Eyes Have Been Glued To (Don’t worry, not literally)

Hello readers!
How’s the progress of tackling that TBR?
What’s that? Oh. Sorry I asked 🙂

Today I’m bringing something else I love to the blog! And that’s watching stuff. Lately I haven’t had much time to watch stuff; it’s mostly been reserved for the weekend, apart from the Mindy episodes which I’ve been watching almost daily.

Haha, Mindy. She’s become part of my morning routine!

Okay, let’s get into it!
These are shows that I’ve watched recently. 


Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med

I love these shows!! I first watch Chicago Fire because there was nothing else to watch at the time. I had the attitude of “eh” but by the end of the first episode I was hooked! Binge watched the first two seasons. #NoRegrets.

My favorite is defintely Chicago Fire, then its P.D. then Med. They all work in the same community in Chicago so you’ll see some characters cross over into the other show which is always fun. It’s like spotting an easter egg in a Pixar movie! Chicago Fire showed me the life of a firefighter and OH MY GOD. Did not realize how badass firefighters are! They have to have an array of skills and think fast and just wow! If you decide to check one of these shows out make it this one.

This is us

This is such a powerful show. It follows the lives of different characters all connected in a way I won’t give up. This show is about family, relationships and the struggles we have. This is a show that packs a punch. There will be some fun times in this show and heartfelt times.




akjsfhge0tbjaljn vopaerofhw sd’jgsjnasrw! Why you no have more episodes! ajsdfjbanf aslgfieiwn sd!  *dies a little*

Need I say more?
Okay I’ll say one more thing: Benidect Cumberbatch and Martin Freenman do an exceptional job of portraying Holmes and Watson! I know the seasons are short (believe me, I know) but it’s so worth it!

The Mindy Project

Mindy is pretty awesome, really funny (and a bit disturbing at times). Also, can we appreciate how colorful this show is. Color everywhere!






Let me know the shows you’re watching

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