The Best of the Best So Far in 2017

Okay so it’s already mid-year, and yes I might be 7 books behind my reading goal but … shush, let’s not think about that now. That’s what the end of the year is for! It’s what cramming is for.

I’ve really enjoyed my collection of read books this year. I don’t think I’ve had a single book I didn’t like and I haven’t DNF anything yet. I Hoping I can keep that up!

Top 5 Books I’ve Read this year:

Holding Up the Universe

4/5 stars Libby was such a spunky character!

The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy

4/5 stars This was such a quirky read! so strange but so enjoyable. I listened to it on audio and the narrator was amazing.

Final Girls

5/5 stars This is hands down my favorite so far! I think it’ll still be on my favorites list by the end of the year.

Giant Days Vol. 5

3.5/5 stars it’s not a 4 stars just because I’ve read better Giant Days volumes, but this comic is really fun to read. Especially if you’re new to “adulting”, which these girls are. It’s fun to watch them try to assemble IKEA furniture!


The Yellow Wallpaper

4/5 stars This was a really intriguing read. It about this woman dealing withwhat’s called a nervous depression in a time where people didn’t know how to treat depression. She’s confined to a room as part of her treatment to calm her nerves where she quickly fixates on the deteriorating wallpaper and looses her mind. It’s defintely desturbing story of mental illness and sad too, because people with mental illness were actually treated this way. The author actually drew from her own experience which just adds to the intensity of it all.


So there you have it, those are my top 5! Mention some of your favorite books you read this year in the comments. I would love to check them out


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