10 Creepy Books on my Radar for Fall

Fall season = creepy books?

To be honest, I read creepy books throughout the year. The thriller genre is one of my favorites (probably #1 fav) so I don’t restrict reading eerie books to the fall season. What fun would that be?

But I know there are those of you who love to save your creepy books for this time of year. So here are some books on my radar in case you want to add them to your TBR.

1. Mexican Gothic

A gothic story set in 1950s Mexico? Yes, please! I’m excited for this one. The main character is a Mexican woman (como yo!) who goes to investigate the well being of her cousin after receiving an unsettling letter.

Also the house seems to play an important part of the story; it invades her dreams with “blood and doom.” Haunted house? Maybe.

2. Sharp Objects

Okay, this one I’ve had in my peripheral for a while now. Every time I think I’m going to read it, another book snags my attention. But it sounds right up my ally.

A reporter goes back to her hometown to investigate the murders of two girls. While there, she starts to identify with the girls “a bit to strongly.” The assignment has her grappling with the skeletons in her closet.

3. Coraline

I think it’s safe to say that most of us saw this movie and was very effectively creeped out by the button-eyed family trying lure a little girl away from her true family. It was messed up.

I just want to read the book the movie was adapted from. Plus, I love Neil Gaiman’s stories and writing style.

4. The Night Swim

This one follows a true-crime podcaster, Rachel, as she investigates the rape trial of the town’s golden boy. But someone is following her and leaving her letters. She won’t stop the letters or the stalking until Rachel investigates this person’s sister’s death.

That’s what I know, and all I need to know.

5. Lock Every Door

Jules is being paid good money to live (as in apartment-sit) in a very luxurious apartment. The catch? Some really weird rules like: No visitors. No nights away from the apartment. No talking to other tenants. Then someone goes missing and Jules starts poking around to uncover what’s really going on in the apartment complex.

I started this one and was really enjoying it. But I started reading this around the time that my library hold was about to be up. I felt I was racing against time. I wanted more time with the book, so decided to return it early and pick it up when I knew I’d have time to read it.

6. The Last Time I Lied

Another Riley Sager book. Can you tell I’m trying to make my way through his books?

In this book Emma goes back to the summer camp where her three friends disappeared to uncover what happened.

Okay so the last few books I don’t know much about but that generally how I like starting these types of books.

7. Stillhouse Lake

A woman seeks to start fresh in a new house and town after she discovers her husband is a serial killer. Her ex is in prison and she’s just starting to feel at ease with her new identity when a body turns up at the lake with a threatening letter.

8. The Chalk Man

When Eddie and his friends were young, chalk stick figures were their codes to one another. But one day a chalk stick figure leads them to a dismembered body. Years later, Eddie and his friend each receive a chalk stick figure in the mail. They think its a prank until one of them ends up dead.

9. Eyeshot

A couple is driving through the Mojave desert when their car breaks down. Then someone starts shooting at them. They are pinned down behind their car with no cell service, little water, and open ground in all directions.

I was such a fan of Taylor Adams’ latest book, No Exit, that I decided to pick up his debut novel. Check out my No exit review to see why I list it with my top favorite thrillers.

10. The Whisper Man

The Whisper Man lures his victims out by whispering at their windows at night. He abducted and murdered five residents before he was caught and locked up. But the son of the main character starts hearing whispers at his window.

Which books should I read first?How many books on this list have you read?

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