3 Reasons to Read No Exit. (A thrilling read!)

Where are my thriller lovers? Calling all thriller lovers! Honestly, I’ve been recommending this to anyone who will listen since finishing this book earlier this month.

And now I get to recommend it to you!

This post will be short and sweet. For a full review of No Exit click here.

1. It’s a fast-paced thriller

This is the fastest thriller I have read yet. It doesn’t take long for it to grip you. And once it’s got you, it holds on tight.

This book makes you feel like you’ve done cardio at times. But in a good way, haha!

All of these events happen in one night (about 9 hours) so it makes sense for there to be one reveal after another in this book.

2. A resilient main character

I am so glad Darby wasn’t one of those main characters in thrillers/horrors that you want to shake. You know the type.

She was actually super smart. Not only is she the type of character evaluate her situations, she’s also pretty determined and witty.

Her wittiness makes good dialogue and inner monologues.

3. Twists and turns

Okay, listen up. I am very proud of being able to catch twists. You know that big twist in Gone Girl? Yup, called it.

And yes, I did call some twists in this book, but there were others that I didn’t.

I was so delightfully surprised by some twists! I love it when a thriller catches me off guard.

If those reasons don’t make you want to pick this book up, then I don’t know what will.

Have you read this book already? Do you want to? Also, leave your thriller recommendations in the comments.

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