Favorite Reads of 2015

I realized I haven’t done a post of my favorite reads of 2015! It’s probably because I’ve been busy reading everyone else’s list. 🙂 I read a total of 40 books in 2015 and from those I’m picking 10 I liked the most. I’m just going to list them from the first reads to the last.Read More »

My Year in Books – 2015

Hey guys! I’m briefly back from my hiatus to bring you this post. I’m still super busy trying to prepare things related to this blog for the new year but I couldm’t NOT post this at the end of the year. I feel like these are the types of post (end of year posts) that I love reading the most. So lets get to it!

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I’m so happy that I was not only able to complete my Goodreads reading goal of 36 books, but also able to PASS it! I’ve read 40 books and I’m currently reading 1 book that I may or may not finish before January depending on the amount of distractions I have. (aaah, I love/hate distractions) This is awesome because 1. I’m a slow reader and 2. never really counted the total amount of books I read yearly. This was the first year I actually participated in the yearly Goodreads reading challenge (I started one at the end of 2014 when there was only a couple of months left so I don’t count that one. Let’s not count that one)

I definitely plan on doing this challenge again for 2016 but maybe put the goal at 50 books so thats about a book a week.

While I’m happy I was able to accomplish my goal it does suck that I wasn’t a big fan of what I was reading. A lot of the books were “meh” and “Okay” and I really want to change that. I want to read a lot of books that leave me fangirling!

Moving on..

At the end of the year Goodreads gives you an over look of the books you’ve reads and basic stats on those books, and that basically what I wanted to share in this post.

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I contemplated including my reading goals for 2016 but decided to make that another post so stay tuned!

November Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to my slightly late wrap up!

Okay quick overview of the things I read:

I got this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is an comic book from Image Comics set in a futuristic world and seems to be falling apart. I wasn’t a fan of this book; there just seemed like there was so much going on and nothing really pulled it together to make a cohesive package. See my review for more of what I thought.



I got this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is a debut poetry collection about what it’s like for someone from the Middle-East to live in the West. I wasn’t so crazy about this either. Though I did love it in the beginning, it just seemed to go down hill for me. Here’s my review.


I got this from NetGalley (again) in exchenge for an honest review (as always). I imidiately requested to review this when I saw it was by the creator of a Ben Ten and Big Hero Six. I’m still trying to form my thoughts on this but overall…I enjoyed this.

I joined a street team! And for the month of December we’re helping out debut author Ryan Dalton. So I read his book to write a review for the 20th of December. Overall feeling of the book: I enjoyed it



Re-read this so I can write a review with a freah perspective (this is what happens when I delay writing a review)




Anyone notice how I didn’t keep to my TBR plan??



I joined a street team Nori put together over at Readwritelove28! Street Team is just a group of people that help promote something. In this case we’re helping out debut authors. I’m so excited about this. Helping authors! Thats the dream.

Blog Highlights:

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Go Cast Your Votes!

The Goodreads Choice Awards are preparing for the 2015 winners!

The Goodreads Choice Awards are the only major awards decided by the readers. It has all kinds of categories: fiction, memoirs & autobiographies, poetry, picture books and more.

Goodreads is just in the opening round so you can go now to vote for your favorite book of this year 😀 but hurry because the opening round ends in 5 days!

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October 2015 Releases

Bye-bye September and hello October! October promises us book readers with a handful of anticipated reads plastered with authors’ names such as Rick Riordan, Marie Lu and Rainbow Rowell. Have I got your attention? Excited? I will now list the titles and the expected release dates so you can count down the days to bum rush the bookstore.

First on the list is – drum roll please…

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