2016 Reading Challenge? Oh yeah!

So pretty much every year for the past three (or has it been four) years I’ve set reading goals for myself. Most of the time it’s just challenging myself to read a certain amount of books, but this year I decided to try Pop Sugars 2016 challenge! Because I’m a reading BOWSE (is that how you spell it. Idk how that looks as a word) and I got this!

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January Wrap Up – 2016

Hello my fellow book lovers! How was your first month in 2016? Was it a good reading or blogging month? Or just a good month in general?
I eased my way through the new year. I had a fairly good reading month; I loved the books that I read and I was introduced to a lot of titles (specifically of the comic book genre) that I really want to get my hands on! Let’s start This wrap up! Read More »

Top Ten Books I Must Get to in 2016

So you know how you buy a book, fully intending to read it soon but then time goes by and…damn, it didn’t happen. Yeah, well, I bought books in 2015 that I really wanted to read but it’s 2016 and there they lie, still unread, judging me, calling me.
Okay so it’s not that serious, but these are books I intend to get to before 2017.
I just decided to make this a Top Ten Tuesday post becuase while I was counting my top books stacked on my shelves, it just so happened they added up to ten!Read More »

December Wrap UP


So December wasn’t a very big month for blogging. As most of you know, I took a hiatus so that I could focus on preparing my blog for the new year. I adopted a new theme -which I’m loving!- and made graphics for the blog as well as working on a book blog planner. So basically December has bee a month of designing and planning.

I wasn’t expecting to read much of anything in December. I thought I’d read one book and that would be it. But I read one novel and three comics. All which were short reads but enjoyable!Read More »

Pop Sugar 2016 Reading Challenge

Last year, (I feel like it’s too soon to say “last year”) I wanted to try Pop Sugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge. I wasn’t being stricked about it though. It was more like I’d read a book and then match it to one of th categories. I would also use more than one book to complete one challenge. For example, for the challenges ‘A banned book’ and ‘A popular author’s first book’ I used one book: Looking for Alaska.
But this year I’d like to complete as much challenges as possible with Pop Sugar’s 2016 Reading Challenge. I’m not sure I’ll complete all the challenges though. (Reading a Political Memoir just doesn’t appeal to me.)

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Books to Look Forward to in (the first half of) 2016

Yes, 2015 is basically over. If you’re the sentimental type this is the time of the year when you look back on everything of the previous year. All the memories of the good times and the bad with the thought “man, I’m gunna miss that year”.

But don’t get lost in memories! (Did not mean to make that sound rehersed. Oh well) To get you lovely book lovin people off to a hopeful new year here are some books to look forward to in 2016.

This isn’t going to contain summaries of any of the books. It’s more of a visual. Also I was going to list books to come out throughout the year 2016 but not all the covers are out and like I said, it’s a visual thing. So…It’s gunna be for HALF of the year. But it all works out becuase mid year I can make a post on the books for the second half of the year!

I’m only listing the top books most people are dying to read so that this post isn’t too long. Also, remember these are expected publication dates, which means they might change.

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