Top Ten Graphic Novels/Comics I want to Try

I’ve really wanted to read more graphic novels and comics lately, so this year I’m gunna try to do just that. Since it’s a TTT freebie I decided to compile a list of the top ten comics (and a couple of graphic novels) I want to check out. Hope you enjoy!Read More »


Book Review: Camp Midnight

Title: Camp Midnight
Author: Steven T. Seagle
Artist: Jason Katzenstein
Genre: Paranormal, Graphic Novel, Middle Grade
Pages: 248
Published by: Image Comics
Expected Publication: May 3rd, 2016
Format: E-book
Source: NetGalley

Goodreds Synopsis:

Ben 10 and Big Hero 6 creator Steven T. Seagle returns to comics with New Yorker Magazine cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein for a new graphic novel! Reluctant Skye is accidentally sent to the wrong summer camp. Not wanting to please her step monster, Skye is dead-set on not fitting in. That won’t be a problem, as everyone at Camp Midnight-with the exception of fellow camper and fast-friend Mia-is a full-fledged monster! The perfect book for fans of Raina Telgemeier’s Smile, but wish it had more bowls of gooey eyeballs.”

Lets get to the disclaimer part shall we: I recived this from NetGalley in exgange for an honest review.

I saw this up for review on NetGalley while browsing the Graphic Novel category and once I saw that it was from the creator of Ben 10 and Big Hero 6: I – was – sold.Read More »

Book Review: The Empty

Title: The Empty
Author: Jimmie Robinson
Artist: Jimmie Robinson

Genre: Sequential Art, Comic Book
Pages: 152
Published by: Image Comics
First Published: September 30, 2015
Format: E-book
Source: NetGalley

Goddreads Synopsis: 

Tanoor is a hunter struggling to feed her village in an apocalyptic world of poison and decay, but Tanoor finds hope when she discovers a stranger named Lila who has the ability to grow life from death—a power that could change the world of The Empty.

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ABEA: Visual Expression

Yes, I am late to this one. I was out all day yesterday and the day before so when I came back home I was exhausted. But I think this is a very interesting topic for a discussion so despite the tardiness…let’s do this.

lets talk I think it’s safe to say that everyone who reads this blog (or similar ones) loves books and therefore loves a good story. I love books (obviously) and something essential to a good book is the way it is told. The crafting of the story.

There are so many ways a person can express and convey a story. It doesn’t nessisarily require words to conect with or understand. Sometimes words aren’t enough to convey what needs to be said and so and a different medium is used like cinematography, paint, or the even the self (i.e. dancing).

I have always been in awe of art. The way it can capture the essence and mood of a situation is uncanny. So it shouldn’t come to a surprise to learn that I love graphic novels/comics. I believe whole heartedly that what makes or breaks a comic/graphic novel is the art that helps express the story.Read More »